Peters Paintings - Contemporary Art!

Hello, and welcome to my website.

My name is Peter Speed and I am a retired Chartered Engineer and Project Manager. I now paint a variety of subjects for pleasure and sale.

Inspired by the landscapes and coastline of Suffolk I often produce a series of works with a common theme, sometimes in monochrome, which enables buyers to match paintings to their decor, and build on their initial purchases if they so desire.

All of my work is in acrylic colour, a very versatile and vibrant medium that lends itself to conventional techniques but also facilitates experimentation. I am keen on exploiting these characteristics in my paintings, and although landscapes and seascapes are my special interest I also welcome commissions for many other subjects.

I hope you like the selection of work on my website. Please do not hesitate to E-mail or telephone me on 01787 280031 if you are interested in a purchase or commission.

I also have a selection of painting that have all been sold and you can see them all by clicking here!
(Please hover your mouse over my paintings to reveal the Title of the Painting, it's cost and availability)

Three Trees - 55.00 + P & P Forest Dawn - 50.00 + P & P Parting of the Waves - 65.00 + P & P Steps at Stanstead - 60.00 + P & P Hartest Hill - 100.00 + P & P Norfolk Dunes - 75.00 + P & P The Clearing - 85.00 + P & P Storm Birds - 80.00 + P & P